Beers to Come

Get a quick peek inside the minds of our team here at Rockaway as we highlight a few of our favorite upcoming and current projects! 


Royal Oats (6.1%)

- Yet to be Tapped! -

Of the same royal Rockaway lineage as the Royal Brougham, this is the next in our line of hoppy oat extra pale ales. The oats provide a round, light sweetness, which is balanced with a soft bitterness and a piney hop flavor.  

Polaris Metropolis (3.8%)

- Tapped 1/28/17 -

A Vienna-style lager, the Polaris Metropolis is no push-over. It's bready and biscuity, but the Polaris dry hop (typically a fun compliment to darker beers) gives it a nice piney, herbal bite at the end.

Royal Brougham (6.4%)

- Tapped 12/17/16 -

Sharing the name of a beloved first car (we all remember our first car quite fondly.. or not-so-fondly), we broke the Royal Brougham out for our 3rd annual pint party. It's a farm-brewed extra pale that's brewed with oats, sporting Cascade, Mosaic and Mt. Hood hops. The result is a slightly fruity, dank, hoppy flavor.

Hawaiian Pizza v.4 (6.9%)

- Tapped 12/31/16 -

Version 4 of our Hawaiian Pizza IPA sees generous use of Nugget and Equinox hops. The tropical fruit nose remains, and both hops contribute a floral bitterness and a sticky fruit characteristic to round out this batch.

High Color (6.4%)

- Tapped 12/9/16 -

Building the recipe for an English-style brown, our brew team happened upon a bag of "high color" pale malt. Amused at the idea of high-color-pale anything, we had our name. the High Color is a tasty brown that leads with graham cracker and settles into biscuit- an English-inspired ale with an American stamp of approval. NY state Chinook hops lead the way.


All the Words (3.5%)

- To be Tapped: 2/24/17 -

Where to start? First off, All the Words is our contribution to NYC Beer Week (2/24 - 3/5), and it's a SMaSH beer (Typically meaning Single-Malt-and-Single-Hop, here we stretch it to mean State-Malt-and-State-Hop: 100% NY state ingredients), and it's a German-style table beer. It's half-sour and utilizes Kölsch yeast. Light, bright, tart with a clean finish. There are more words though; come taste it and see if you can add to the list.

London Calling (4.2%)

- Tapped 2/7/17 -

Released on International Clash Day (as declared by popular Seattle radio station, KEXP), the London Calling brings us back to our English brew roots. An English bitter with American Hops, think of it as the ESB's spunky baby brother. It's got a bite, and in fitting style, we celebrated by spinning plenty of The Clash, The Sex Pistols, Billy Idol and the like on vinyl all night long.

Brrrliner Weisse (3.1%)

- Tapped 1/7/17 -

Cool and refreshing with hints of guava and mint, this Berliner Weisse hits the spot. It's slightly sour, more in the realm of "tart", so it's a great introductory beer for those who aren't yet sold on sours.

Hüllified Gangsta' Lean (3.9%)

- Tapped 12/9/16 -

Hüllified Gangsta' Lean is a hoppy, zippy, light ale that's indicative of our happy dive into non-barley grain this year. The name's based on the generous use of German Hüll Melon hops (contributing light honeydew melon and strawberry notes), and the fantastic Dr. Dre track, 'Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang.'

If you've had a chance to try out the Sew So Cool, our cold-fermented rye pale, this one's going to use the same Kolsch yeast, but ferments warm. For the next few weeks, you'll get to taste them back-to-back in the taproom to compare. Pretty cool. SO so cool, we think.


Coffee Kölsch (5.3%)

- Tapped 2/5/17 -

Back in 2016, one of our brewers, Xavi, paired up with Bronx Brewery and won the NYC Brewers Pro-Am with a killer Coffee Kölsch. We're proud to have a Rockaway version now to call our own, brewed with locally-sourced coffee from Sweetleaf.

Auto Correct (7.7%)

- Tapped 1/14/17 -

A dry, roasty exxport stout, named for the slew of auto-corrected errors on our brewery group chats. ...Because we've all been there. This toasty winter treat is strong enough to make you forget all about that sort of thing.

Double Curiosity (9.1%)

- Tapped 12/28/16 -

Another round of our big red, Double Curiosity rounds out the year. A malty, subtly sweet double red ale; it's the strongest beer to grace our tap list. A beefed up version of the regular Curiosity, its strong malty backbone is tempered by doses of Simcoe and Cascade hops.

High Plains Drifter (8.2%)

- Tapped 12/17/16 -
- Bottle release 12/18/16 -

Ah, old friend. How we missed you.

Like a lot of our higher-ABV beers, the drifter drinks deceivingly easy. It's a wee heavy Scottish ale that we age in bourbon barrels (Kings County Distillery, Van Brunt Stillhouse, fun local things). The beer doesn't spend a ton of time in there, so you just get a kiss of the spirit. Dark fruit, caramel, and an incredibly smooth finish.