Rockaway Set Co.

One crisp day in mid-November, we converted our brewery taproom into a set, brought in an energetic and talented bunch of people, and had some fun. Not many people know that Marcus has a day job, behind the lens of a camera. This was the perfect way to combine his talents.

We wanted to create a series of shorts to generate excitement behind our (delicious! creamy! smooth!) Nitro Black Gold Stout. Our newest staff member, Matthew, doubles as an incredible dancer and actor, and he brought along several wonderful people to take part. 

Advertisements in the beer world can sometimes come off as aggressive and macho. Living in New York City, we like to embrace the diversity of culture and interests around us.

Thanks to Matthew, Allie, Erika, Adam, Malloree, Christopher, and Jake for bringing your personalities to the screen! And a special thank you to Elana, Ruben, and the folks at Flux Factory, without whom this would not have been possible.

Here's the first of a series of 3 videos. Enjoy!

Wassup Kale?