More High Plains Drifter to everyone!

The High Plains Drifter was conceived while dreaming of the Scottish highlands and listening to The Beach Boys. The big malty sweetness is accompanied by the bourbon barrel aged goodness. ABV 8.2%.

This Scottish stye ale is so popular that everyone wants it. Retailers keep on asking about it and wanting to sell it, but for now we only have enough to sell at our tap room. Not only can we keep the price down for you, but also, we get to see your lovely faces when you come in to buy them. And while you're picking up your bottle, bottles or case you can chill out with us for a moment with a cold pint in your hand.  

This Monday we bottled 10 cases of it and we wanted to show you how that looks like. We are a small brewery. We don't have a fancy bottling line. We do it by hand. First you have to sanitize all the bottles, then fill them with delicious beer, cap them quickly and rinse them off. And voilá! They are ready to be indivually labelled, go in to a case and purchased by you!

The bottling station. John filling the bottles and Nazar capping. We use a beer gun from Blichmann. With a simple push on a button we can purge the bottle first with CO2, to make sure no oxygen comes into the beer. 

We got a visit from our architecture Rick and his family. All of a sudden everyone was helping out! Big thanks to Ben and Caleb who showed big interest and were awesome little helpers. They might become brewers one day when they grow up...

Sometimes if you are a little person you need to use both hands when capping the bottle. Or four...


Welcome in and get yours! Cheers!