Health maintenance...

Do you sometimes wonder why our tastingroom isn't open on Tuesdays? This is why:

We love making beer. And a rewarding feeling is definitely having lots of people in our tastingroom enjoying the fruits of our labor. On Tuesdays though, we get a chance to catch up with our Rockaway Brewing crew and do fun stuff together, This last Tuesday we partnered up with LIC Boathouse for a kayak trip on the East River. 

Safety first!
Everyone is focused and concentrating on the safety briefing before we get going. LIC Boathouse are located in the same building with us and we've been wanting to this with them. This was a perfect night to do it. It had just rained, it wasn't too humid and the sun came out just right on time. 

Queensboro bridge ahead. And Belmont Island, a bird sanctuary that kind of looked creepy. Lots of birds and tons of bird shit. =)

Sometimes you need to explore your own neighborhood and see it from new perspectives. From a tiny kayak on East River was a great way to see some of the famous sights of Manhattan and Long Island City. 



And of course we brought a can of our freshest ESB for a little photo shoot. =)

Everyone manage to stay in their kayaks in spite of some shaky waves crossing the river. Pheew!


Getting really close to Queensboro bridge. Beautiful views and beautiful sunset. 

When getting out of the kayaks I think everyone was a little bit wet, soar in their muscles, maybe a bit stiff, hungry and definitely craving for a beer. A BBQ had been arrange and some nice volunteers did the job to get it ready for us when we came back from the trip. All we had to do was to fill up some growlers and we were all set! 

And now you know why we are closed on Tuesdays. =)