Like father, like son!

By this summer I’m gonna learn how to brew!
— Willem Long, 8 years old

Do you remember when you were a kid and your mum and dad were your heroes? And you wanted to do whatever they did. In this case it's a little boy who wants to learn how to brew beer, just like his father,
Our own head brewer, Ethan Long's son Willem has been wanting to learn how to brew for a while now, and this is the summer when that's going to happen!

So, Willem came in to the brewery Monday, July 6, to brew a Summer porter with his father. They wanted to make a porter that is lighter on the tongue. A darker beer, but still refreshing enough to drink now during the summer. They used the hop Brewer's gold in the mash to get a nice subtle bitterness to the beer. And to the boil they used both Brewer's gold and Willamette. 

Willem listens carefully and is focused to learn about the whole process of making beer. There's a lot to take in, but he is dedicated and really interested. Here they go through the process of mashing. 

Willem needs some help to get up and stir the mash with the mash paddle. 

A proud brewer for the day!

Willem checks the level of the wort in the wort kettle while lautering. To get the perfect speed of lautering and to control the temperature for the coming boil.

Time to connect the hoses and hop filter to get ready for the transfer of wort from the kettle to a fermentor. The tri clamps are not always easy to attach, sometimes you feel you need three hands to be able to make it. Lucky they have four hands this time! 


It's always important to document what you are doing. Ethan shows Willem where and what to write on the white board. Beer, date, batch number and what kind of yeast that's been used is written down on the line for each fermentor. 

And now the hard work starts. To get out all the spent grains! It is hot, sweaty, tough and your arms get soar. At least if it's your first time doing it! Everything needs to come out so you can clean the mash tun for the next brew. 

They say that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. And I think we can all agree on that in this case. =)
Last Monday Willem came in to check the gravity of his Summer porter, and the fermentation was pretty much done, so keep your eyes open. It will soon be serving at the tasting room. So come on in and try the beer of a possible future brewer!