The Evolution of Delivering.

We make all of our beers by hand, with the freshest ingredients. Since the day we started homebrewing and still today at our brewery in Long Island City. 

When the beer is ready we keg them in our brewery and soon after that you can enjoy some fresh Rockaway brews at a bar/restaurant near you, or in our own tap room. 

Moving kegs in our brewery is relatively easy. We use a dolly, pallet lift or a fork lift. But sometimes that goes wrong. =)

Dolly malfunction. 

Dolly malfunction. 

Delivering the kegs to the bars and restaurants can look different. We are a "do it your own brewery" and have to be creative when it comes to the delivery. Here's our evolution of delivering:

When we were homebrewing in our Far Rockaway backyards we biked our kegs. Very environment-friendly and a good exercise!

When we started making more beer and needed to transport it a bit longer, we had to get a car. Marcus got this awesome Mini Cooper to deliver kegs with. And probably to cruise around in too. =)

But to be honest, the Mini Cooper didn't fit that many kegs so we had to get a bigger ride. This shiny and red Rockaway Brewing Co van made it possible to do much bigger deliveries. 

But it doesn't stop there! We are making as much beer as we possibly can do with our brew system and we keg beer almost every day now. Today a delivery day can look like this:

Let's put it this way. We need a bigger truck!