Pop ups!

If you've never been to one of our pop ups, you need to come asap! Every weekend we have different pop up restaurants cooking upstairs in our kitchen. It is a great opportunity to try out some luscious food and pairing it with our delicious beers. 

The weekend of August 1st we had chefs from Eateasy making tasty tacos. With super fresh ingridients and spicy sauces, they made tacos that were perfect matches with our beer!

I paired the tacos with our ESB and Night Hop. The bitter notes paired perfect with the spicy notes from the food. And the tacos just made you want to drink more beer! YES!

We have plenty of space to hang out, eating and drinking upstairs. And if you just feel like drinking our delicious and fresh beers, our tastingroom is always buzzing and a fun spot.

Flint and Ray doing their moves behind the bar. 

Flint and Ray doing their moves behind the bar. 

Ray is more than happy to help you out in the bar and make sure you're not having an empty glass. Oh, and by the way...he loves LIC. ;)

We have pop ups pretty much every weekend. You can check out our Events calendar on our website to know what's cooking upstairs.